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Parents select their favorite hat from the dozens that are on display in their birth centers. The most popular hats have common characteristics. These guidelines will increase the likelihood of YOUR hat going home with a family.

YARN: Hats that are either KNITTED or CROCHETED will need to be made with new, clean, SOFT-TO-THE-TOUCH and WASHABLE yarn.

“Value” yarns are sometimes scratchy and tend not to be selected by new parents. Test softness on your cheek if you’re unsure!

WARMTH: These hats keep babies’ head warm outdoors during the colder winter months. Smaller stitches result in a warmer hat. The large, loose stitches of circular loomed hats tend not to provide enough warmth.

SIZE: These hats will be worn by 1 or 2 day old infants. The average newborn head circumference is 14” (13”– 15”). If your hat fits snugly over a balloon blown to 14”around it will usually fit. Hats should be approximately 4-6“ high. Make adjustments when using yarn or needles of a different size than your pattern calls for.

COLOR: Hats need to be 50% or more of any shade of PURPLE (for the Period of PURPLE Crying).

SAFETY: Please help us keep babies safe from choking and strangulation risks:

PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH DECORATIONS: pom-poms, tassels, straps, bows, ribbons, buttons, etc.

STYLE: Please use EITHER: all Gender-Neutral (Unisex) styles and colors OR: an equal number of Girl-Friendly and Boy-Friendly styles and colors.

Please help us meet families’ requests for more “BOY-FRIENDLY” hats

Consider simpler patterns, darker purples, stripes of brown, gray, green, black.

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