An exciting aspect of the CLICK for Babies campaign is the uniqueness, creativity and ingenuity of the caps that are donated from knitters and crocheters in the community. We welcome and encourage knitters and crocheters to share their patterns that they have created or found online.

Please remember the following guidelines when uploading or sharing a link to a cap pattern:

  • Purple caps should be at least 50% purple in color.  However, no particular shade of purple is required.
  • Caps must be free of straps, strings, pom poms or any other hanging and loose material that may pose as a potential chocking or strangling hazard to infants.
  • Caps should not contain any trademarked or copyright protected material, such as, sports team logos or brand names.
  • As a general rule, caps should have a circumference between 7.5-13.5in (19.0-34.0cm) and a height of 3.5-6in (9.0-15.0cm) to fit a newborn infant.

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