All babies go through a normal period of increased crying in the first few months of life. This increased crying typically begins at about two weeks of age, peaks in the second month of life, and becomes less in the third or fourth month. Some infants cry more than others, and in some infants you may not even notice the increased amount of crying, but ALL infants do cry more during this period.

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The Period of PURPLE Crying is an evidence-based program to help parents and caregivers understand this normal increased crying in healthy infants and prevent abuse; namely, shaken baby syndrome. The word "PURPLE" is an acronym to help parents and caregivers recognize and remember the characteristics of normal infant crying

PURPLE Acronym

Watch Dr. Ron Barr describe the rationale and lines of evidence for the Period of PURPLE Crying program.

Parents know and expect that their baby will cry, but most have no idea how much or how frustrating that crying can be. Frustration with a crying infant is the number one reason someone shakes and abuses an infant. It is important, however, for parents and caregivers to remember that this crying doesn’t go on forever. It will end.

Infants also cry when they are sick, hungry or uncomfortable. Parents and caregivers should always make sure their infants needs are met. If a parent or caregiver believes there is something wrong with their infant, they should have them examined by a healthcare professional.

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